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Please see below, an example of the six stage process I use to return your leather to the very best condition- Cleaning, Preparing, Degreasing, Repairing, Re-colouring and Sealing.


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Cleaning the leather


Over time leather (especially worn leather) absorbs dirt, sweat, moisture and chemicals (creams etc.). The first step in any restoration is to deep clean the leather with a professional PH neutral leather cleaner. I provide professional leather cleaners and protection creams to customers if required.

Preparing the leather


Using Leather Prep (A stringent chemical solvent used to strip the finish from leather) an abrasive pad and absorbent material some of the surface colour is removed. The amount of colour that needs removing depends on the condition of the leather, the condition of the finish and the type of damage being restored.

Degreasing the leather


Some silicones aren't soluble in solvents. The whole seat now needs to be cleaned thoroughly using industrial alcohol. This is repeated until the surface is clean, prepared and fully degreased.

Repairing the leather


Worn and weak leather can now be strengthened using leather binding fluid. Deep cracks can be filled using the appropriate grade of flexible leather filler. Once all repairs are completed the leather can be smoothed using very fine grade abrasive paper.The item is then finally wiped down with alcohol, air blasted and wiped down with a tack cloth to remove dust.

Recolouring and colour matching


I now apply the colourant, the first layer by hand using a sponge then subsequent layers using a very fine spray pen. I often have to 'colour match' i.e. mix by hand the colour, as some vehicle manufacturers provide no leather colour information to the industry, e.g. Maserati, Porsche etc. Whereas some provide a trim code and my suppliers can provide this colour ready mixed, e.g. Jaguar, trim code NED, Ivory

The result


Once all the colourant layers are dry, 3 to 5 very fine sealant layers are applied. The finish can be full matt through to hi gloss, as required. This provides a hard wearing and durable finish to the leather to ensure it lasts 5 to 10 years, depending on usage and care. Finally, professional leather protection cream is applied to provide UV and friction protection.


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