Porsche 911(964) - 1989 - Full leather interior restoration

This beautiful Porsche was showing signs of its age, it required careful restoration. The drivers seat required the most attention, the seat had two holes on the bolsters and a long split on the seat base to repair.

I stripped of the old colourant, dirt and grease and strengthened the nearly worn through leather parts.

Once I degreased the leather I recoloured it with 4 layers of cream colourant and sealed with 4 layers of leather sealant. The piping was carefully masked off whilst colouring the cream leather, then it was recoloured in matt black and sealed.

The back seats were deep leather cleaned and protection cream applied

The end result I hope you agree is stunning with the interior looking great but keeping its originality. The restored finish will be as durable as the original seats when new.



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