Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo - 1985 - Full leather interior restoration

This beautiful Lotus Esprit S3 had good quality leather, which over time had been sun bleached, worn and badly repaired. It required careful restoration, working with the owner we agreed a programme of work to restore it back to its original condition. The drivers seat required the most attention, with the leather needing to be stripped of the old colourant, dirt and grease. I then Strengthened the nearly worn through parts and repaired the bad repair to the vertical & horizontal bolster join. I then recoloured it with 4 layers of Lotus Gold' and sealed the colourant with 4 layers of sealant. The end result was stunning with the interior looking great but keeping its originality


Having a modest collection of classic cars, it is a great pleasure to have such a knowledgeable interior leather expert living so closely to me. Recently I purchased an original Lotus Esprit Turbo from 1985. Although some patina came with the car, the interior was tired to say the least, dirty and very well used. Having met Colin on one of the local car shows I invited him around to explain me what could be done. I explained him that I was looking for a new interior but not 2015 new. In other words my question was could my current leather be restored to new. Colin understood precisely what I was asking and restored a 30 year old interior back to its former glory. Completely stunning work, having used him now on various little projects, I highly recommend Colin for all your leather work in your classic car as well as your more modern vehicle.



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